Floodlines is an experimental video, performance and installation that examines the search for and struggle to reconnect familial links lost to disaster, memory and time. The video involves two intercut elements of a ritualized performance, one centered around a grave-like mound marked with a rusted clothesline form, whose excavation by Treadaway reveals a wooden box of worn and dirty portraits made on handmade paper. The second element involves the artist submerging the excavated prints into a bucket of murky water, recalling “Katrina Muck,” or the sludge submerging the city of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. Once submerged, the prints are hung to dry on rusted clotheslines sculpted by Treadaway, creating a memorial for the tainted family histories demarcated by receding floodwaters. Together, the two elements of the performance-based ritual create a non-linear narrative, linking past, present and the space in between as memories are reclaimed, reprocessed and presented anew.